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About Us

Tiny Mites Music is one of the UK’s leading providers of music, movement and drama classes for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

Our fun filled music based programmes are designed to encourage children’s natural curiosity and imagination and maximise their potential in a playful, safe and encouraging environment, during their most formative years from 6 months to 6 years of age.

Magical Characters

The magical Tiny Mites are brand new characters that interact with children through music and song. With their appealing voices, distinct characteristics and bright clothing they bring to life an array of brilliant, original songs that intrigue and inspire.

The children easily connect with their favourite characters as they embark on a series of wonderful adventures – to the seaside, the zoo, a ride on the train and flying beyond the rainbow to name but a few. The boys and girls soon have their favourite Tiny Mites character, which can also be available to purchase at the end of the session.

What Makes Tiny Mites Unique?

  • Original Songs – Over 100 brand new contemporary children’s pop songs especially written for the Tiny Mites Programme.
  • Original Characters – The Tiny Mites Characters are specially designed to appeal to pre-school children and are not influenced by current TV imagery.
  • Real Music – Superb music recorded with top professional musicians with authentic unsynthesised instruments.
  • Value for Money – The unlimited use of the Tiny Mites Programme is given throughout the contracted period at your holiday park/ hotel.
  • High Capacity – Sessions can cater for over 40 children at any one time, requiring only one performer.
  • Season Specific – Material specifically created for spring, summer, autumn and Christmas breaks. Ideal for holiday parks and hotels.
  • Multicultural – Children from all backgrounds can relate to the ethnically diverse characters and styles of music from a range of cultural traditions.
  • Props and Puppets – Songs are highlighted by the use of colourful props, puppets, flashcards and instruments.
  • Baby Signing Songs – Songs are available in baby signing for children aged 6 months to 3 years.
  • Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage Learning – Each programme can be linked to both the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage Learning for pre-school children.

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