Music Sessions

The sessions are half an hour long. They can be split into age groups or can cater for over 40 children in a mixed group.

Mini Mites Programme for children from 6 months – 2 years old
Specially designed for the very young these classes focus on using puppets and percussion instruments. Babies and toddlers love to shake rattle and roll to the rhythms in these gentle, fun and stimulating classes. Mini Mites incorporates the British Sign Language method of baby signing. Babies love to communicate through the simple sign language learned in these sessions. The benefits include happier and more confident babies whose communication development is improved.

Mega Mites Programme for children from 3 – 6 years old
These action packed classes cover dance and exercise, imaginary play, numeracy, literacy, team work,
action songs and rhymes along with fun with percussion and musical games.

Mixed Age Programme
Tiny Mites Music also works well for mixed age groups and the material is carefully chosen to include all abilities. We are very experienced in catering for large groups of over 40 children in any one class. The Tiny Mites teachers always use microphones enabling them to keep soft voices and elevate the performance, easily keeping the children engaged.