Tiny Mites Stage Show

Tiny Mites Stage Show Tiny Mites On Tour, 2013  Welcome to the magical world of the Tiny Mites Stage Show – 50 minutes of fun, song, dance, bubbles and loads of audience participation. This musical show is a perfect first visit to the theatre for the very young and their whole family. The Tiny Mite characters, with their appealing voices and bright clothing, bring to life the brilliant, original songs that intrigue and inspire the children’s imaginations. Children easily connect with Dina and Magic Mite as they embark on a wonderful, musical adventure to the seaside to find Miranda the Mermaid. Children love to join in with the clapping, tapping, waving, wiggling and singing. So come on let’s jump in our cars with a ‘brum, brum, brum’ and dive into a seaside adventure!

The Tiny Mites on stage



Email: info@tinymitesmusic.com for dates in 2013.